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Hier einige Songs zum Download (mp3; 128 kbps). Mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Symbol klicken und "Ziel speichern unter..." wählen:

   Bus stop (Gouldman) (3,0 MB)

   Fight for your right (Uhlig/Zeibig) (3,7 MB)

   A Place (Prechtel/Uhlig) (3,3 MB)

Das Auftrittsprogramm besteht übrigens aus 40 bis 50 Titeln, ebenfalls ein Mix aus eigenen Kompositionen und Covermaterial.

Folgende CDs haben wir in der Vergangenheit aufgenommen (LP-Editionen sind leider vergriffen!):


Frisch gepresst:

"Laboratory Outtakes" (2019)

Puddles and Pabbles - Signs - Up and down - Nature - Lighthouse - Blues for David - Woman - Card Deck - Desdemona - Pictures on a TV Screen - On a Train

Novikents "Woodpecker" (2012) - The Novikents Unplugged


No Matter What - Woman - That´s All Right - A Place - It´s ALl Over Now, Baby Blue - Nowhere Land - Nature (2) - Until Tomorrow Comes - Nobody Loves You When You´re Down And Out - All Things Must Pass

"Beatrospective" (2008): Titelliste

Fight for your right
I`ll feel a whole lot better
A place
Looking back
Bus stop
Far away
Mr. Tambourine Man

Novikents "Live Shots" (2005): Titelliste

Is that love? - It's only natural -
What I'd say - White houses -
You really got me - Baby I don't care -
Good Golly Miss Molly - You may cry -
When a blind man cries - Platform 9 -
Sweet home Chicago - I'm a believer -
Midnight train - Ain't no sunshine

Novikents "Odd Perspectives" (2001): Titelliste

It's only natural - Evening in May - Working Day (2) - Nature

Novikents "Cobblestones" (1998): Titelliste

What you hear is what you get - Sacked - Like! - Working Day - Call it a blues - Platform 9 - You won't get me down

"What you hear is what you get" (1994/1995)Novikents: Titelliste

This time - War on the Screen - Everything - Until Tomorrow Comes - Midnight Train - The Jaguar is Mine - Hey, Mr. Hunter - You´re Never Going to Get - To Call You - Someday - I Never Want to Know - Puddles & Pebbles - Listen to the Raindrops Falling - Summertime

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